There are many types of wakeboards to suit any riders style. Most of the new wakeboards provide each rider with a specific feel of the water. Each wakeboard requires a separate binding which is bolted to the board. The binding is offered in either a closed-toe type boot, snowboard binding type or open-toe.

The wakeboards are manufactured to size and spec, providing a heavier rider with more surface area or a longer wider board, and the smaller rider with a lighter shorter wakeboard. This will also depend on your riding style, wakeboards are designed with “flex” to accommodate response into and out of the wake.

Over the years, Wakeboard boats have been exclusive taking there cues from ski-boats. The hulls are designed to provide maximum wake to the back of the boat. Many of the new boat manufactures such as Malibu, AXIS and Mastercraft wake-boats provide on-board ballast systems providing more or less weight to the hull of the boat. This gives maximum control of wake size to the rear of the boat.

Cable parks have been established over the years to provide wakeboarder’s a place to ride. The Wake Park is somewhat imaged after a skate park giving the rider obstacles to tackle, like ramps and rails. This also is less expensive than traditional lake riding. No wake-boat to purchase or gas to spend money on. A wake pass is offered by hour or for the full day. Since cable parks are still in there infancy, most states do not offer these types of riding parks. The wakeboard manufacturers have stepped up and also designed there gear to handle the pounding of rails and obstacles. New tougher materials like sintered bases for wakeboards that are more stiff, to provide longevity for gear specifically used in cable parks.


Nike is producing their skate shoes on the next level. Notice the period on the end of the previous sentence. It started earlier this year with the release of Eric Koston’s One. These new breed of style and comfort included the Lunarlon cushioning only seen in Nike’s running shoe line-up. The latest evolution and evidence of Nike’s dominance in function and feel comes with the drop of Paul Rodriguez’s fifth signature shoe, the P-Rod 5.

Just two short days ago, skate shoe stores turned the inventory on for the much anticipated release. I myself picked up a pair to see what the hype was all about.  The P-Rod 5 skate shoes have a unique feel when laced up. wide in the toe and tight through mid-shoe. This keeps the foot stable in the shoe and provides the ultimate on-board feel. I will definitely be following up as we get deeper into the wear, and have put in a few more hours on the streets, and at the skate park. My initial thoughts on Paul’s fifth installment? Boom! You can pick up the Nike SB P-Rod 5 here.

The 2012 Lib-Tech Travis Rice T-Rice C2Bx has just arrived. This Lib-Tech Snowboard is one of the most anticipated of the 2012 snowboard season. Not only has Travis Rice been a huge part of the Lib-Tech movement. He is also a headliner in the “Yet to be released” The Art of Flight.  The Art of Flight will be released this fall, and we are definitely looking forward to the premiere. They said the invite was in the mail. What is here already, is the sweet board below from Lib-Tech. Check out 2012 snowboards and the new T-Rice Pro video from our boys over at

I have been very fortunate to live and work on the island of Waikiki. Spending a good part of the 90’s on the islands gave me a much needed laid back approach to life. I tried it all, surfing, body boarding, and yes body surfing. There is nothing like letting yourself get lost in the rush of water, laying out hard and pushing through the cover.  Sandy’s beach was probably my favorite. Perfectly sculpted 3 to 5 footers, were awesome to ride. I did get shot out from time to time. Landing head first into the shallowness of what they call Sandy’s.

We spied this video from Nixon Watches. Check out “Come Hell or High Water” trailer. A great teaser and tribute to a lost art-form. Ride the water.

Is it really snow season already? Of course, in Chile, and Argentina. For us here in the U.S., you might take your snowboards toward the peaks of The Big Island in Hawaii. Snowboarding in Hawaii was one of the oddest and refreshing days I have ever had. And yes you can on Mauna-Kea Volcano. This mountain (Inactive Volcano) in english translates into “White Mountain” and is at the highest peak of all the Hawaii’n Islands. The Volcano is located adjacent Mauna-Loa Mountain (Volcano).

Well it is closer to us than Argentina. And when you get done for the day, you can stay at the nice cabins at the bottom of Saddleback road, or head down towards the beaches on the lower elevations. Odd and refreshing? They do it in Northern California, grab your snowboards then grab your surfboards. The locals have been doing it in Hawaii for a very long time.

It looks like the latest Skate Shoes are dropping in before the 2011 school year starts. The Fusion from Globe gets its name from integrating a nice blend of solid features into one seriously stylish skate shoe with no detail left out. Skate crews have requested more padding, more protection more skateboard feel.

The inner sock construction makes them easy to slip in and out of. This new feature also give you a solid and secure fit. Feel feature packed, including maximum durability with a layered toecap, TPR Ollie protection and heel stabilizer, a thicker sidewall. And we can not forget the combination of Globe’s dynamic Hex Trac and Hex-STG tread patterns for the most flexible grip available. The Globe Fusion skate shoes have been layered to take a new type of punishment. Go Skate and feel good about wearing these when your headed out for some serious shredding.

Of course we are measuring skate shoes here on the blog. It seemed like twenty years ago, Converse was the choice of kicks. It was the beginning of such companies of VANs and Vision, some who are still around today. I admit, cons were my first, then I graduated to Vision which looked eerily similar to Converse basketball shoes.

Over the years, skate shoes have become much more high-tech, giving the rider more feel and durability, without sacrificing comfort. Of course back then a pair of skate shoes were around 40$ and now the average price is somewhere around 70$. Skate shoes have evolved in such a way that the now lifestyle business has made its move into multiple channels of the sports segments.

With DC Shoes coming out as one of the biggest juggernauts, DVS is following suit with similar marketing strategies. They are both crossing over into the active lifestyle. It is BMX and Mountain Biking, Motocross and Snowboarding. The average consumer is blasted with these brands in each of his or her favorite sport.  Skate shoes have crossed the normal barrier of sport specific and has made a releavant fashion statement across the retail and lifestyle industry. Follow us for more industry news.